Quick Dinner

What do you do when it’s already past 8:00 and you haven’t even started dinner yet?  Throw a bunch of veggies in the oven and call it a meal!

Purple potatoes are sassy!

I left work a bit late today because I had a million different things going on and was trying to wrap stuff up so I wouldn’t have to go in over the weekend.  On the way home, my husband and I stopped at the expo for the race that we are running in the morning to pick up our packets.  We are running the Monument Avenue 10K along with over 40,000 other runners!  We drove past the row of port-o-potties near the starting line and it was insane (the only thing worse than having to use a port-o-potty is having to use a port-o-potty during/at the end of a race)!  With so many runners, the expo was packed and it took us a lot longer to get in and out than we had expected.  By the time we got home, we were both starving.  We roasted some fresh asparagus and made rosemary potatoes.  We lightly coated the asparagus and diced potatoes with olive oil, added salt and pepper to both, sprinkled tons of rosemary over the potatoes, and threw into the oven.  Fast and simple!  While those were cooking, we quickly heated up some roasted red pepper and tomato soup and ate it as an appetizer.  I need to get to bed early tonight so that I will have time for breakfast before the race.  Our wave is scheduled to start at 8:52am and we have to walk about a mile from our apartment to the start line.  It’s supposed to rain, but if not, I might add a few miles onto the end of the race to get in a long-ish run!  Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

Happy eating!



They see me rollin’…

…My segway sport-hybrid bicycle…

Nice and sweaty!

I bought a bike today!  I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but with the beautiful weather, horrible gas prices, and overall bike-friendliness of Richmond, I decided it was time to invest in one!  I went after work today and picked up the bike I decided on just yesterday.  I nervously took it for a ride in a very low-traffic area and went 5.3 miles.  My husband was relieved when I made it home in one piece and I was able to talk him into a quick 2-mile run around the neighborhood.  Not bad considering I didn’t think I would have time to work out at all today!  And perhaps there may be a duathlon in my future?

In other news, I’ve been trying to eat a little better these past few days.  Too many unhealthy snacks lately!  I made a delicious lentil salad last weekend that I ate off of for several days!  It was tasty and filling, but not heavy at all–exactly what I needed!  I think it could use a few more spices, but putting a bit of Feta cheese on top really added a lot!


Lentil Salad


1.5 cups dried lentils

1 bell pepper

½ purple onion

1 tomato (seeds removed)

olive oil (a little bit)

red wine vinegar (a lot)

parsley (I added at least 15 fresh leaves)

Salt (to taste)

Garlic powder (to taste)

Black pepper (to taste)



  1. Sort lentils (i.e. check for rocks or other debris.).  I always thought this was weird but for the first time ever, I actually did find a twig in my bag this time.
  2. Bring lentils to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer.
  3. Let simmer 20-25 minutes (I cooked mine until they were just soft and not as long as I would cook them for a soup or stew so they would remain intact).
  4. Remove from heat and drain water.
  5. Saute onion and bell pepper until slightly soft and add to lentils.
  6. Add tomato, oil, vinegar, and spices.
  7. Refrigerate.

Perfect springtime food!

Serve cold and add Feta cheese for some extra flavor!  Add whatever veggies/spices you want to mix it up!  I’ll be making many variations of this dish in the near future!  I am trying to remember to actually measure/record amounts of ingredients, but I often forget and just throw a bunch of stuff together until it tastes good.  That is the fun of cooking though!

Happy eating!


Not-So-Sugary Margaritas

Another evening of amazing, homemade Mexican food!  It never gets old!  My husband and I got hooked on Mexican food, okay Tex-Mex food, while living in Dallas.  There are so many good Mexican restaurants there, it is impossible to pick a favorite.  Chuy’s was awesome with their chip bar (located in the trunk of a car) including unlimited queso and vegetarian refried beans, their jalapeno ranch dip, and amazing salsa.  Gloria’s was awesome for their black bean dip and ridiculously strong, $3 happy-hour margaritas.  We cooked really lame Mexican food on occasion at home (just tacos with canned vegetarian refried beans in pre-made flour tortillas), but always went out when we wanted something amazing.  After my celiac diagnosis, we started using black beans, Ortega brand hard corn taco shells, and grated our own cheese.  We also found a recipe for gluten-free margaritas.  The recipe calls for an entire can of Minutemaid limeade (per blender pitcher), which I always found to be way too sweet and those margaritas were never so great on the blood sugar levels.  Lately we have cooked more interesting Mexican food at home and last night’s meal included a lower sugar margarita that was really good.  As my husband said, “It’s definitely margarita-flavored and we didn’t have any of that sugar shit”.  Exactly.  He would have liked it more if we had made frozen margaritas (usually I prefer these too) but for someone reason I was really craving one on the rocks.


Not-So-Sugary Margaritas


4 limes

¼ cup Stevia In The Raw Cup for Cup

Tequila (vary amount depending on how rough your day was)

Triple Sec (I use about 1/3 the amount of triple sec as I do tequila)

A splash or two of orange juice

About as much water as I used lime juice (or you could just add more ice, but my tequila, triple sec, and orange juice were already cold)


Sprinkle of salt


I juiced the limes and put all the ingredients in a pitcher with some ice.  I added water until the taste seemed about right (tasting margaritas during preparation is half the fun!) and stuck in the fridge for a few minutes until dinner was ready.


We also made some spicy black bean dip to eat with Santitas brand corn chips!

Our black bean dip was inspired by this recipe.


Nom-Nom Black Bean Dip (yes, that is what I’m calling it)


About half an onion

3 cloves minced garlic

Olive oil (for sautéing onion and garlic)

½ cup picante sauce (we used Pace, hot)

Cooked black beans (about 1 or 1.5 normal sized cans worth, but we actually used leftovers from last night that we prepared from dry beans)

5-10 leaves of cilantro

Splash of lime juice


Chili powder

¼ cup grated cheddar cheese (Kraft Naturals, Extra Sharp)



  1. Cut up the onion and mince the garlic.  Put in a pot and saute in olive oil.
  2. Add picante sauce and put heat on low.
  3. Process or mash the black beans and add to the pot.  I used my mortar and pestle so that I would have better control over the consistency, as I prefer my dips chunkier.
  4. Add cumin, chili powder, lime juice, and cilantro.
  5. Add grated cheese and stir until completely melted.


You can call me Senorita!

This was really spicy and awesome!  I actually liked it better than the black bean dip at Gloria’s because I kept the black beans chunkier and I have a sneaking suspicion that Gloria’s black bean dip may contain lard (ew).  My husband loved it too!

For our main dish, we had fried egg tacos (on homemade corn tortillas) with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and feta.


Happy eating!


Mama P’s No-Bake Cookies (gluten-free and vegan optional)

Ugh!  I am suffering from gluten-related symptoms for the third straight day now.  I don’t have the slightest idea of what got me.  I have my normal symptoms of upset stomach, headache, and achy arms, in addition to feeling incredibly lethargic.  Awesome!  I really want to go to the gym and get some lifting in today, but we’ll see.  Sometimes getting in a good sweat actually helps!

I have some awesome recipe ideas to try out this weekend and plan to start incorporating some bean- and/or quinoa-based salads into my meal rotation.  I just can’t stomach soup and chili when it starts to get warm outside!  Speaking of, we finally bit the bullet and turned on the air conditioner last night.  We have had the air/heat turned off and just kept the windows open for the past two weeks, but it has gotten so hot in our apartment.  I have had trouble sleeping and have even gotten up at night to put a cold wash cloth on my face or stand out on the back porch for a few minutes.  It IS still March, right?

In honor of the crazy warm weather everyone has been having, I want to share my mother-in-law’s no-bake cookie recipe!  Without baking, you won’t have to worry about your oven radiating heat into your already unseasonably-warm home!  And you can make these things in about five minutes, you probably already have all the ingredients on hand, and they can be made gluten-free and/or vegan with a few simple substitutions!

This recipe is for the full batch (enough to snack on for awhile or to share with friends) and will probably make 20-25 small/medium cookies.  The brands I use to ensure gluten-free status are shown in parenthesis.  FYI, Hershey brand cocoa powder has given me pretty severe gluten-related symptoms but I haven’t had any issues with the Kroger brand.

Mama P’s No-Bake Cookies


1/2 cup milk (Kroger brand, 1%)
1 stick butter or margarine (Land O’ Lakes, salted)
4 Tbsp. cocoa powder (Kroger brand)
2 cups sugar (Kroger brand, granulated)
1/2 cup peanut butter (Smucker’s Natural, creamy)
2 cups quick cooking oats (Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats)
1 tsp vanilla (Frontier, organic)


  1. Combine milk, butter, cocoa powder, and sugar in a small pot and bring to a slow boil.
  2. Let boil for 1.5-2 minutes (be careful not to burn, but if you don’t boil for long enough the cookies won’t harden at all).
  3. Immediately remove pot from heat and add remaining ingredients.
  4. Stir for a few seconds.
  5. Drop by spoonfuls onto wax paper and let cool.

No-bake chocolate deliciousness!

The smaller you make these, the faster they harden.  I made these way too big so they didn’t get quite as hard as we hoped (we basically ate them with a spoon).  Next time I will probably scoop these into a muffin tin and refrigerate to harden.  Very simple and delicious!

Happy eating!


Strawberry Basil Smoothie

I tend to go through phases when it comes to breakfast.  When I was in middle/high school, I could put down some serious food first thing in the morning.  It was by far my favorite meal of the day!  Gradually, as life got busier, my breakfasts became smaller and smaller.  I would always regret not eating breakfast when my stomach started growling by 9:00 and I was too busy to eat until lunchtime.  It took some time, but I gradually have built up to eating a substantial breakfast again.  The best way for me to ease back into breakfast was with smoothies because you can make them as low calorie or as high calorie as you want.  Last summer, I would have a smoothie pretty much every single morning. They started off with just a banana, soy milk, and ice.  Now I have had pumpkin with nutmeg, mango, peach, berries, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.  Then it got cold outside and all I could eat was a warm bowl of oats (Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free) with lots of toppings.  I ate that pretty much every single day in December and January.  February and early March was an open-faced fried egg sandwich and some Greek yogurt with berries.  I made this breakfast yesterday and, as I was sitting down eating, all I could think about was how delicious a smoothie would have been (this is clearly a sign that Spring is here!).  So, this morning I pulled out the blender and made a delicious Strawberry Basil smoothie!  I had this with a piece of leftover corn bread and a slice of cheddar cheese (both separate from the smoothie)!  I love having a breakfast worth looking forward to, even if the combination is slightly unusual!

Strawberry Basil smoothie (makes about 20-24 ounces?)


¾ cup milk (I used Silk Vanilla)

¼ cup water

1 frozen banana

½ cup Greek yogurt (I’ve been eating Kroger brand with no gluten-related problems)

8-10 small/medium strawberries

2 large leaves of basil

A few pieces of ice


1.  Throw everything in a blender and blend.

2.  Drink.

Are basil leaves always this big?!?

It doesn’t get much easier than that.  I could definitely taste the basil and I think the amount I used was about perfect so that it was not overpowering.  I feel like including the basil added a touch of sophistication to this simple breakfast.

One day I will take more exciting pictures!

Tomorrow, I am going to make a chocolate/peanut butter smoothie.  I might even throw in some kale.  I’m already excited!

Happy eating!



Happy first day of Spring!  I love the change of seasons, probably because I just like change in general.  I get bored very easily and like doing something new, whether it’s living in a new place, picking up a new hobby, or just enjoying newly pleasant weather!  I remember as a kid rearranging the furniture in my bedroom at least once a month, just to change things up.  As I’ve gotten older, I feel like change, especially big life changes, are more and more terrifying.  You spend your entire teenage and early adulthood planning for some life that you dreamed of as a kid, yet realize when you are finally mature and have a little bit of life experience that your dream is no longer your dream.  You feel trapped, like it is too late to make a change in your life.  Lately, my life has been changing a lot.  It is scary, but liberating.  I hope that I can eventually talk openly about these changes, but right now I am still unsure of where I am at and what my future holds.  I am not ready to make any sudden decisions or to close any doors.  I do know that for the first time in my life, I have decided that my health and happiness are the most important things.  There has been a lot of stress, tears, and doubt over the past year.  But right now, at this very moment, I am in the right place.  It is scary and stressful, yet empowering and beautiful.  Life is good.

No recipes today.  I have to admit that I ate a frozen gluten-free pizza for dinner (with some champagne to wash it down)…and it was awesome!  New recipes will be coming soon!  And remember, live the life you have always dreamed of, but be willing to change your dreams as you grow!


I leave you with these famous quotes regarding change:

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  -John F. Kennedy

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  -Charles Darwin

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”  -Henri Bergson


Happy eating!


A very Cinco-de-Mayo St. Patrick’s Day

epic (adjective):

3.  heroic; majestic; impressively great

(Ex:  Last night’s dinner was epic!)

First off, Mexican food is the best thing ever!  I could eat it every single day and never get sick of it.  The spicy, fresh flavors, abundant vegetables, and simplicity make for the perfect meal!  My cilantro has been growing like crazy, so we decided to make some Mexican food to use some of it up.  Enchiladas were calling my name.  Store-bought corn tortillas are tasteless and rubbery so I decided to try making my own!  All it requires is some masa harina (lime-treated corn flour) and water.  I bought a huge bag of the stuff (I think the brand is called “Maseca”) from the ethnic section of my local Kroger for around $3.00 and it SEEMED to be gluten-free and, luckily, I didn’t suffer any consequences from eating it!  I made about 12 corn tortillas for the total price of $0.25-$0.50.  Can’t beat that!

Masa harina

I didn’t actually follow the directions on the back of the bag.  This stuff seemed to be for tamales, but it appeared to be plain old masa harina, so I just reconstituted the flour with water (1 + 3/4 cups masa harina with 1 + 1/8 cups warm water) and it worked just fine and I had dough left over. I mixed the dough and kneaded it on a large cutting board, wrapped it with plastic wrap, and let it sit at room temperature for 30-45 minutes.  I then rolled it out on parchment paper, and heated each side in a skillet on high/medium heat for about 30 seconds.

Corn tortillas!

I stuffed the corn tortillas with a mix of sautéed onion, zucchini, red bell pepper, and poblano pepper, mixed with a small amount of black beans we had left over.


I also made homemade salsa (see recipe below) and my awesome queso (fool-proof recipe coming soon) and added some of that in there too!  The enchiladas were layered in a baking dish and the leftover vegetable stuffing, salsa, and queso was poured over the top.  I covered the enchiladas and baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes (just enough to get them all warm and melty).  I then stuffed them in my face!

I'm not shy about eating...

Homemade salsa (party size):


5 small/medium tomatoes (I used the “on-the-vine” type, but others may work even better?)

1 jalapeno pepper

1 head of garlic

½ white onion

Olive oil (enough to coat vegetables)

Fresh cilantro (10-15 leaves)

~1 Tbs lime juice

~1 tsp cumin

~1/2 tsp salt



1.  Prepare vegetables for baking/broiling.

a.  Peel onion and cut into ~1/2” thick rings.

b.  Cut jalapeno into thick slices (I removed about half of the seeds at this point because I didn’t want it TOO spicy).

c.  Remove cores from tomatoes.

d.  Peel garlic head and cut off the tip of one end.

2.  Lay tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, and garlic in baking dish and cover with a small amount of olive oil.

3.  Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until veggies are soft and slightly browned (I think broiling would probably work better here).  This took maybe 20 minutes and I flipped once.

4.  Add cilantro and garlic to a food processor and process until well-chopped.

5.  Add about 1/2 or 3/4 of the tomatoes (I kept the skins on), the onion, and the jalapeno and pulse until chopped (if you want less juicy salsa, I would try to remove some of the tomato seeds before processing).

6.  Remove the skin from the remaining tomato(es), coarsely dice, and add to the salsa (just to make it chunkier).

7.  Add cumin, salt, and lime juice and stir.

8.  Taste and add more spices as needed.

Fresh and spicy salsa!

While the enchiladas were baking, I decided that this meal required margaritas.  My husband ran to the store and the enchiladas were ready right as he got home.  And that was our Cinco de Mayo-themed St. Patrick’s Day dinner (the margaritas were green!).  I’ll share my margarita recipe soon but I think it is WAY too sweet and I plan to try to make a more from-scratch variety that is lower in sugar next time.  We had leftovers for dinner tonight and they were just as tasty reheated in the microwave.  Unfortunately, no more margaritas.

Happy eating!



When Life Hands You Lemons…

While most people are probably craving Guinness or other ethanol-containing beverages today, I woke up craving lemonade.  Real lemonade.  So, I bought a little juicing device, some lemons, and a cheap plastic pitcher.

Lemonade supplies bought especially for today's craving.

Strawberry lemonade was a success!  Once the lemonade was chilling in the refrigerator, I went out for a nice 9-mile run!  I hadn’t intended to run that far (in fact, I had planned to do strength training at the gym), but it was just too nice to be cooped up in a smelly gym.  It was pretty warm outside and fresh, cold lemonade was exactly what I needed afterwards!

Post-run deliciousness!

Strawberry Lemonade


5 whole lemons

roughly 10 fresh or frozen strawberries  (but use as many as you like)

1/3 cup Stevia Extract In The Raw

Water (up to 64 ounces)


1.  Cut lemons in half and juice.

2.  Dice (fresh) or mash (frozen) strawberries.

3.  Add lemon juice, strawberries, and stevia to a pitcher.

4.  Fill to 64 ounces and put in the refrigerator.

My husband and I also went to Lowe’s to get supplies to start a back (or front) porch container garden.  My herb garden is doing really well so I decided it was time to go a little bit bigger.

The first successful plants of my life (I have killed a cactus...)

I wanted to grow just a few plants and only ones that would benefit me even if it the amount of food produced isn’t huge!  I decided to try Roma tomatoes and a hot pepper blend!  My husband got excited at Lowe’s and decided that he wanted his own plant.  I don’t know anything about gardening but I did read that if you have plants in a windowsill or on a porch, facing south will maximize the amount of sunlight they get!  We have a back porch that we really don’t use for anything facing south and a nice front porch facing north.  My husband decided to grow garlic and he is determined that the front porch is better for sunlight (there is no roof) so our container gardening has now become a bit competitive.  We both used 5-gallon buckets and the same potting soil.  After doing all the work on the back porch, my husband picked up his garlic-containing bucket and said to it “alright, garlic children, I will transport you to the front porch where the winning plants live”, while I set up my plants in the corner of the back porch that was receiving plentiful sunlight.

Back porch container garden (Roma tomatoes and hot peppers)

We’ll have to wait and see which porch yields the most fruitful plants!  Now I’m off to sip some lemonade and read a book out on the porch….and try to ignore all the drunk idiots on the streets (the downfall of living right next to several bars)!  Have a safe and wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy eating!


Twice cooked (once baked) potatoes

Good evening!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the amazing weather (and if you’re somewhere that hasn’t had nice weather, I’m sorry)!  It has been sunny and in the mid-70s here the past two days and the next two days are going to be even warmer!  I’m really looking forward to another run outside tomorrow evening with my running group!  Running around Richmond, Virginia has proven to be quite entertaining.  I have seen some interesting things/characters (i.e. a man with a dread-locked mullet, tie-dyed poodles, etc.). During one of my runs, someone had the nerve to stop me and ask if they could have a cigarette.  Yes, I just so happened to fill up my Spi-belt with cigarettes (insert sarcasm here).

After a nice run the other day, my husband and I could not figure out what to have for dinner.  I wanted something really rich and filling!  We decided to make twice-baked potatoes!  I’m not a huge fan of potatoes (except for sweet potatoes) but doesn’t everyone eat baked potatoes for the toppings anyway?  To make this meal quickly (I was hungry!), I actually microwaved the potatoes instead of baking them to get them soft. Works just as well and it will save you at least half an hour.

Ingredients (for two):

Two medium baking potatoes

3-4 Tbs sour cream (Daisy is gluten-free)

1.5 Tbs butter (Land O’ Lakes, salted)

1/3 cup fresh scallions

1/3 cup sliced or grated cheese (Kraft Natural Extra Sharp Cheddar)

Milk (I used at least half a cup but use as much as you need until the potatoes are as creamy as you want them)


1.  Wash potatoes and poke holes in them with a fork.  Wrap in a damp paper towel.

2.  Microwave on high for 5-10 minutes until soft.

3.  Cut potatoes in half (lengthwise) and let cool for a few minutes.

4.  Scoop out flesh into a large bowl.  Try to keep the skins intact.

5.  Add the butter, milk, and sour cream.  Mash/stir until potatoes are creamy.  Add some of the cheese and scallions (leave the remainder to use as garnish).

6.  This is where I intended to add salt, pepper, and garlic powder (but I got too excited and forgot!).

7.  Scoop the mashed potato filling into the potato skins and add the remaining cheese and scallions on top.

8.  Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 minutes (until everything is warm and cheese on top is melted).


I planned to just put the salt, pepper, and garlic powder on top after baking, but they tasted great as is, so I just skipped that altogether.  You could replace the sour cream with greek yogurt and cut down on the butter if you want.

I have to make these again soon!  Amazing!  Enjoy the rest of the week and get outside if you can!

Happy eating!


A good day for making some sweets!

Oh man, today was wonderful!  If I could describe the perfect day, it would probably be pretty similar to the day I actually had!  We did have to do a few chores but we got them done relatively quickly and painlessly.  First off, was a trip to the grocery store.  Our Kroger here is always packed on the weekends…like, circle the parking lot several times then eventually give up, packed.  So we went at 9:30 am (which felt like 8:30 am) and it was empty!  Awesome!  Got all of our weekly groceries and were home by 10:30.  I went for a 10.25 mile run and my husband joined me for the first 4.5ish miles!  It felt really easy and I held a consistent 9:05/mile pace until the last 3.25 miles which were about 10-15 seconds per mile faster!  Then I had a snack and my husband and I walked a few miles around our neighborhood, picking up our weekly coffee beans along the way.  I also stopped by the local running store and got a pair of toe socks (I’m hoping these help with my between-the-toes rubbing issues).  Then we watched some television, took a quick nap, and made an awesome dinner!  I’ll tell you about our dinner later this week, but the dessert was just as good as the dinner itself.  I wanted to try something else with the endive I bought last weekend and, besides a few small spots, it still looked and felt fresh enough for consumption!  I found this recipe and it seemed really easy and something I never would have thought of myself.  This dish came from My Columbian Recipes.  This dessert was really unique and amazing!

Here is my very slight adaptation to the original recipe of Endive with Herbed Cream Cheese and Caramelized Apples

I have made caramelized apples several times before and they make an excellent dessert by themselve!.  Like apple pie or apple cobbler filling!

Ingredients (for two):

2 heads of Belgian endive

Apple filling:

One apple (any kind you like)

1 Tbs butter (I used Land O’ Lakes, salted)

About 1 Tbs packed brown sugar

Dash of cinnamon

Herbed cream cheese:

Roughly 2-3oz. cream cheese (I used Philadelphia brand)

1 Tbs freshly chopped scallions

Dash of dried basil

A few leaves of fresh parsley (from my herb garden!)


1.  Melt butter over medium heat in a small frying pan.

2.  Add peeled and chopped apple (as big or as small chunks as you like) and stir continuously.

3.  Let apples begin to soften.

4.  Add brown sugar and cinnamon and continue stirring until brown sugar caramelizes.

5.  While apples are cooking, add herbs to cream cheese and let soften slightly.

6.  Wash endive and peel off individual leaves (I removed the outermost layer and only used the next few layers containing the largest leaves).

7.  Spread the herbed cream cheese into the cups formed by individual endive leaves.

8.  Pour warm caramelized apples onto herbed cream cheese.

9.  Eat immediately.

These hit the spot!

As my husband said, “This is REALLY good!”.  It was a nice dessert that wasn’t too sweet or too savory but still managed to satisfy my out-of-control sweet tooth!

I also made some maple pecans today.  I didn’t get a picture because they were eaten too quickly.  I took about a half cup of raw pecan halves, added about a tablespoon of real maple syrup (no Mrs. Butterworth here) and a dash of cinnamon.  I then baked them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 minutes, removing once to stir.  You could add more maple syrup if you want them sweeter, but I liked them just the way they were.  I should probably lay off the sugar now.

Dinner was followed by some Gears of War 3 (awesome Xbox game!) and some guitar practicing!  Now it’s time to relax a bit before bed!  Goodnight!

Happy eating!


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