Lazy-Woman’s (or Man’s) Guacamole

Long time, no blog!  This past week has been really busy!  Although it snowed a bit on Monday, I can tell that Springtime is finally near!  I woke up to birds chirping outside on, not one, but two mornings this week!  The tree out behind our apartment is finally turning green!  And, apparently, the clocks are to be changed tonight!  In college, my mom would always remind me to change my clock during the Fall and Spring.  Unfortunately these reminders haven’t really happened as regularly over the past few years.  I’ve heard the phrase “springing forward” several times recently, so I did what any independent, 26-year old would do–I texted my mom today and asked when the clocks were changing.  Glad I asked because apparently it is tonight! Yay for more evening outdoor running opportunities!

Speaking of running, I had an awesome workout this morning!  I have been doing timed miles (on the treadmill) to see how fast I can get!  My previous best was 6:43.  Somehow today (after doing 2 miles of intervals and some strength training), I ran a 6:34 and then a 6:38!  I don’t even know how that happened!  My goal is to eventually do a sub-6:00 mile.  The weather is supposed to be amazing tomorrow so I might go for a long-ish run by the river!  I’m hoping to spend the afternoon doing some cooking and maybe going out for a round of disc golf!

This past week did not really lend itself well to cooking a lot of interesting things.  We cooked quite a bit, jut not anything incredibly exciting.  We did make a sweet potato/black bean burrito filling from a vegan and gluten-free cookbook and ate it without the burrito wraps.  It’s probably my new favorite meal!  Even better topped with some homemade guacamole!  My husband and I make guacamole all the time and it is fabulous!  Here is my lazy-woman’s version of guacamole:


One avocado

About half a can of Rotel tomatoes (we usually use Original but the Lime one is great too!)

Garlic powder



1.  Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit.

2.  Scoop flesh from skin and mash it up (we use a mortar/pestle and I like to keep it a bit chunky).

3.  Add as many of the Rotel tomatoes as you like, plus a bit of the juice.

4.  Add garlic powder and salt to taste.


This literally takes like 2 minutes to make and is delicious!  No need to measure anything and scale up to make as much as you want!  I’ll be taking advantage of avocado season and trying more unique ways of eating one of my favorite foods!  I hear they can be baked and even used in desserts!

Tomorrow I’m going to make up another batch of almond butter and some maple nuts!  If my endive that I bought last week is not rotten yet, I’ll try another recipe to share!  Still have to figure out what to make for dinner tomorrow but I’ll probably just decide while grocery shopping in the morning!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to change your clocks!

Happy eating!



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