Quick Dinner

What do you do when it’s already past 8:00 and you haven’t even started dinner yet?  Throw a bunch of veggies in the oven and call it a meal!

Purple potatoes are sassy!

I left work a bit late today because I had a million different things going on and was trying to wrap stuff up so I wouldn’t have to go in over the weekend.  On the way home, my husband and I stopped at the expo for the race that we are running in the morning to pick up our packets.  We are running the Monument Avenue 10K along with over 40,000 other runners!  We drove past the row of port-o-potties near the starting line and it was insane (the only thing worse than having to use a port-o-potty is having to use a port-o-potty during/at the end of a race)!  With so many runners, the expo was packed and it took us a lot longer to get in and out than we had expected.  By the time we got home, we were both starving.  We roasted some fresh asparagus and made rosemary potatoes.  We lightly coated the asparagus and diced potatoes with olive oil, added salt and pepper to both, sprinkled tons of rosemary over the potatoes, and threw into the oven.  Fast and simple!  While those were cooking, we quickly heated up some roasted red pepper and tomato soup and ate it as an appetizer.  I need to get to bed early tonight so that I will have time for breakfast before the race.  Our wave is scheduled to start at 8:52am and we have to walk about a mile from our apartment to the start line.  It’s supposed to rain, but if not, I might add a few miles onto the end of the race to get in a long-ish run!  Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend!

Happy eating!



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