Almost-Tabbouleh Quinoa Salad and other shenanigans

What a weekend!  I’m usually not down for a lot of planned activities because I prefer doing whatever I want whenever I want, but this weekend we (my husband and I) have been going non-stop and it has been a lot of fun!  The 10K yesterday went really well!  We haven’t gotten official times yet, but according to my Garmin, we completed 6.25 miles in 52:08!  Because of our time, we will qualify to be in one of the seeded waves if we run the race next year!  After the run, I had some water and a banana, and ran another 5 miles.  We hung out with friends last night for a barbecue where I dominated in cornhole!  Then, this morning we went and played disc golf with a friend (I lost a disc in the lake-on my first toss of the day!) followed by a 10-ish mile bike ride!  Tomorrow will be our first day cycling to work and I am scared, yet excited!!!

To practice today, we basically cycled toward our workplace (right in the middle of downtown) and planned the route we will take.  I’m hoping that the more I ride, the more comfortable I get.  I rode bicycles all the time as a kid, but we just cruised around the front yard and on paths we raked out in the woods.  Dealing with cars, other cyclists, and huge city buses is a very different experience!

I also made my first batch of homemade bath soap this weekend!  It’s actually pretty difficult to make from scratch!  I made soap that is vegan and without palm oil!  My first batch is lemon-scented and it has already started hardening, so I think it worked!  It has to age for several weeks before it is ready for use though!  I might try to make peppermint-scented soap next week!

Lemon-y and fresh!

For dinner tonight, I made my own version of tabbouleh.  Usually, tabbouleh is made from bulgur which contains gluten, so I used quinoa instead.  This dish is more of a cold quinoa salad inspired by tabbouleh.  I basically used what I had on hand and omitted common ingredients in tabbouleh (such as mint) that I didn’t have.

Almost-Tabbouleh Quinoa Salad


Ingredients (serves 4-6):

1.5 cups dry quinoa

2 tomatoes

1 English cucumber

½ purple onion

5 cloves garlic

2 Tbs olive oil

Juice from 1 lemon



Black pepper

Feta cheese (to put on top)



1.  Bring quinoa to a boil and reduce to simmer. Once cooked, drain water, add 1 tablespoon olive oil, and set aside.

2.  Lightly sauté onion and minced garlic in the other tablespoon of olive oil.

3.  Add sautéed onion and garlic to quinoa and let cool in refrigerator.

4.  Add juice from one lemon, diced tomatoes (seeds removed) and cucumber, and spices.

5.  Serve cold with Feta cheese on top.  Or omit the Feta cheese.  But it’s better with Feta cheese.

Serious cornbread addiction going on over here.

For dessert, I just ate an entire pint of Arctic Zero “ice cream”.  Oops.


This is the first time I have ever tried Arctic Zero.  It’s kind of strange, but not bad.  Also, it is low calorie (150 calories for the entire pint), fairly low in carbohydrates, AND contains no mystery ingredients.  I may or may not buy this again, but I just really wanted to try it.

Off to prepare for the upcoming week!  Hopefully I won’t get hit by a city bus on my commute tomorrow!

Happy eating!



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