Thai-Inspired Crock Pot Chili

I feel like cooking with a crock pot is supposed to be easy.  Isn’t that the point?  You throw a bunch of random things in there before you head to work, and you have a hot, delicious dinner waiting for you when you arrive home?  I think that my fear of keeping warm things plugged in while I’m not at home has kept me from utilizing my crock pot to its full potential.  My first crock pot failure occurred several years ago.

My husband and I had just started dating.  I had one of those bags of bean soup mixes that comes with dry beans and spices already mixed together.  Early one Saturday morning, I put the contents of the entire bag in my crock pot with a bunch of water and set it on low.  I was sure that I would be enjoying bean soup for dinner.  After five or six hours, the beans were still completely hard, so I changed the setting to high.  My husband and I had planned to hang out that evening and, after it became apparent that I would not be having bean soup for dinner, I headed over to his apartment.  With an entire crock pot full of hot beans.  We hung out at his place for awhile (with crock pot plugged in), then went back to my place.  With an entire crock pot full of hot beans.  After transporting those beans across town two times and after two days of cooking, I finally had some bean soup for dinner on Sunday.  The beans were still hard.  Needless to say, I have not attempted to use my crock pot since for purposes other than keeping previously-cooked foods warm.  Until just the other day.

I don’t know what inspired me but I decided that it was time to attempt crock pot cooking again.  It was a success!


Thai-Inspired Crock Pot Chili

I am a crock pot master!


1 cup raw chickpeas

About 1/4 peeled and diced raw eggplant

1 1/2 cups raw, diced potato

3/4 cup frozen spinach

1 cup fresh broccoli

1 400mL can of coconut milk (I used A Taste of Thai, Lite)

Water (to desired consistency)

2 Tbs red curry paste (I used A Taste of Thai)

4 garlic cloves

Salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes



1.  Bring chickpeas to a boil in regular pot.  Reduce to simmer and let simmer about 45 minutes (you want them edible but not completely soft).

2.  Once chickpeas are nearly finished, shake coconut milk and pour into crock pot (set to high).  Add red curry paste and stir to blend.

3.  Add partially-cooked chickpeas, raw potatoes, eggplant, broccoli, and spinach.  Add water to desired consistency.

4.  Mince garlic and add to crock pot.

5.  Add all spices.

6.  Let cook on high for about two hours until vegetables are softened.


I had a back-up dinner idea ready just in case, but didn’t even need it!  This chili was delicious and made great leftovers too!  Does anyone else have any good crock pot recipes?

Happy eating!



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