I want a giant pizza…

I have been so incredibly hungry lately!  I’m trying to figure out what my body wants me to eat because clearly it wants something.  I don’t normally count calories, but I recently decided to do it (weighing/measuring EVERYTHING) for a few days just to see where I’m at on a typical day.  My calculations revealed that I am eating 2500+ calories per day!  That is a lot more than I used to eat, but I am still slowly losing weight (averaging about 1 pound per month).  The last time I had my blood work done (about two months after going gluten-free), everything, including my transglutaminase IgA that had previously been 8X the normal level, was fine.  Tg IgA is the subclass of auto-antibody that is overproduced in individuals with celiac disease, and is usually the first test in diagnosing the disease.  Overproduction of the antibody leads to destruction of the villi in the small intestine, often leading to a huge host of symptoms that differ among individuals.  I’m going to be getting more blood work done next month and will see if I can get everything checked again (full metabolic panel, Tg IgA, hemoglobin, etc.) just to be sure everything is okay.  Until then, I’m going to keep increasing the protein and healthy fats and see what happens.  I feel great, so I’m not really too concerned.  I guess I’m just not used to having such a high metabolism!

Make me a gluten-free version of this, and I could probably eat the whole thing. Source.

I just had a huge taco salad (with tons of black beans) for dinner after a good 6.5-mile run with my running group.  I’m already hungry again.  Off to go stuff my face with more food!  And maybe make a big mug of hot cocoa because it’s freezing in here!

Pretty view from my run!

Happy eating!



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