The 10 Most Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets (available from

There is a continuous influx of new kitchen gadgets on the market.  Everyone is looking for that newest gadget to make kitchen tasks easier, less messy, and more fun.  I am constantly seeing new gadgets and either thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “Who on earth would buy that?”.  Fun kitchen gadgets make awesome gifts for anyone who loves to cook and I would invest in many more gadgets if only I had more space.  I decided to do a search on to find the most ridiculous gadgets that I would never allow to take up space in my small apartment kitchen.  Here is my list of the 10 most ridiculous kitchen gadgets I could find on

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #1:  Fruit/vegetable savers

These are plastic devices for storing unused portions of fruits and vegetables, often made in a similar shape as the specific fruit or vegetable it is intended for.  They make these for tomatoes, bananas, citrus, onions, and even avocados.  Why?  I find this especially strange because the shapes and sizes of these items are not uniform.  Why not just use a Ziploc bag?  I understand the whole issue of being environmentally friendly and all, but you could just wash out and re-use the Ziploc bag if you are that worried.  A Ziploc bag, assuming it is large enough, can fit things of all shapes and sizes.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #2:  Portion Control Tool

This is a group of plastic rings to help the general public figure out how much food they should be eating.  Call me old-fashioned, but I’ll stick to my kitchen scale.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #3:  Shaped ice cube trays

Okay, these are at least functional and can replace the more boring, traditional ice trays without any fuss.  I have seen phallic-shaped ice cube trays and these awesome handgun-shaped ice cube trays, but my favorite is probably the tray for making fish-shaped ice cubes.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #4:  Butter spreader for corn

Spreading butter on a cob of corn hot off the grill can be challenging.  The inventor of this hunk of plastic with a groove large enough for a corn cob is brilliant.  But still, who eats enough corn to find this worth purchasing?

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #5:  Microwaveable S’Mores-Maker

S’mores are delicious.  I loved them until I realized that marshmallows are not vegetarian.  This gadget allows you to make s’mores in the comfort of your home right in the microwave.  It saddens me that kids these days are making s’mores in the microwave and not by a campfire or at least outside on a grill.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #6:  Banana Slicer, Boiled Egg Slicer, Butter Cutter

I know, I know–slicing a banana, hard-boiled egg, or butter is so challenging.  Or not.  These are probably the biggest waste of space of all gadgets I have listed so far.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #7:  Tabletop Vacuum

This little pig will crawl around your counter and eat your crumbs.  How about a wet cloth or sponge?  That would probably work even better.  If you don’t like pigs, you could instead buy the cow- or elephant-shaped one.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #8:  Plate Retriever Tongs

This is used for lifting hot plates without having to deal with the bulkiness of a pot holder.  I see this as a disaster waiting to happen.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #9:  Carrot Curler

This tool will make your carrots curly.  Maybe I’m just jealous that I don’t have enough time in my day to curl carrots.

Ridiculous kitchen gadget #10:  Egg Cuber Square Egg Press

This lovely tool will allow you to turn an egg-shaped egg into a cube-shaped egg.  Transformative!

If you have a chef in your life that you need a gift for, consider one of these impractical gifts.  You probably wouldn’t even have to worry about them already owning any of these things.  Several items listed here are also Amazon Prime eligible!

Happy eating!



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