Sushi time!

I’ve always been quite lazy when it comes to making my food look presentable or photo-worthy.  Arranging my food nicely on a plate versus just plopping some on there is very new to me.  This is mainly due to the fact that it takes time away from when I could actually be eating the food.  That is one reason why I have never tried to make my own sushi—it’s one of those pretty foods that requires a delicate touch.  I love sushi though, but since I can not get it anywhere and trust that it does not contain any gluten, I have not had any in a really long time.

Then I received a sushi making kit!

Sushi for dummies!

This kit basically comes with everything you need except for the fillings to start making sushi.  It even includes a book with a few specific sushi recipes.  The only thing in there that I can not use is soy sauce, so I bought some liquid aminos to use instead.

This actually tastes just like soy sauce!

I stuffed my sushi with cucumber and avocado.


Basically, you just cook short-grain rice (I used the white rice that came with the kit, but will probably use brown rice next time) as you normally would.  I just stuck mine in my rice cooker.  Once it’s done, you let it cool to room temperature, add a bit of rice vinegar while stirring, and let sit with a damp towel over it until you are ready to assemble the sushi.  The kit also came with several sheets of Nori.  I flamed the shiny side of the Nori with a lighter.  I don’t know the purpose of this, but since I had no clue what I was doing, I figured it would be best to not deviate from the instructions.  I laid the Nori shiny side down on the bamboo mat (also included in the kit).  I dipped my fingers in diluted rice vinegar and patted some rice onto the Nori to cover the majority of the sheet (leaving about an inch exposed at the end farthest from me).  I made a shallow crease down the center of the rice and placed a few thin strips of cucumber and some avocado.  I rolled the bamboo mat away from me, holding onto the cucumber/avocado with my index fingers until the ends of the Nori met (I can tell this part will take some practice!).

Sushi assembly.

The nicest looking of my sushi rolls. Not bad for my first time!

I removed the bamboo mat as carefully as possible and sliced the sushi with a sharp knife.  I had some edamame on the side!

 (形) おいしい; 香りのよい; おもしろい

Also, did anyone else catch this story?  I’ve heard of some ridiculous weight loss methods, but this just takes the cake.  With this method of pre-wedding weight loss, you can be sure that your soon-to-be spouse knows you are completely crazy before going through with the wedding.

Happy eating!



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