Three-Ingredient Queso

Earlier last week, my husband and I made a deal with ourselves.  If we worked out hard and ate well for the week, we would have chips, queso, and margaritas over the weekend.  Well–we held ourselves accountable for the majority of the week.  Then Friday came.  I just did not feel like cooking anything for dinner.  So we ate this…

The pesto-flavored one is even better!

This brand of gluten-free pizzas is the best I have found!*  The crust is flaky and rich and the ingredient list is short.  This company is a dedicated 100%  gluten-free facility and they also do not use tree nuts or peanuts.

So much for our deal (It would have been fine if we each hadn’t eaten half of the pizza in one sitting), but we still made queso and margaritas last night.  It’s the weekend after all!

This is the easiest queso ever and it has been a hit every time we have made it for other people!

Three-Ingredient Queso

Philadelphia (unflavored) cream cheese and Kraft Natural cheese are both gluten-free!

Ingredients (for 2 very hefty portions):
4 ounces sharp cheddar cheese
4 ounces cream cheese
About 3 Tablespoons diced tomatoes with green chiles
About 1 Tablespoon juice from the tomato/chile can

1.  Cut the cheddar cheese into cubes and heat with the cream cheese in a pot over low/medium heat.  Stir continuously so the cheese does not burn.  It will take some muscle power to break up and melt the cheddar.

Work it!

2.  Once the cheese is melted, immediately turn heat down to low, and add tomatoes/chiles and juice.  Stir.
3.  Eat immediately or pour into a warm crockpot (low setting) to keep from solidifying over longer periods of time.

It took serious willpower to take pics before consuming this stuff!

We also made frozen strawberry margaritas!  The recipe was very similar to the last margaritas I made except for making them frozen  and adding in about 8-10 strawberries.

Immediately after taking this picture, I almost dropped the entire plate on the floor!

Happy eating!


*I have never been approached about reviewing products or brands.  I just want to share my opinion on certain things that I find delightful because it is hard to come by with gluten-free products.


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