Coffee, coffee, coffee!

I am a self-professed coffee snob.  Back in college, I would drink as much coffee as I could just to get the caffeine.  I didn’t care how it tasted as long as it kept me awake to study.  Now, I savor my coffee.  I think my coffee snobbery started when I toured an Organic Coffee Plantation in Kona, Hawaii last September.

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation (you can order their coffee online!)

I have always preferred my coffee black and they told us on the tour something to the tune of, “If you can’t drink it black, it’s not good coffee”.  I agree.  Some of the interesting things I learned about on the coffee tour:

1.  The lower quality beans are used in the darker roasts to mask their imperfection.

2.  Darker roast coffees actually have less caffeine than the lighter or medium roasts.

3.  Compounds extracted from coffee beans are great for the skin.

4.  Coffee beans on the plant do not look how you expect them to.

Coffee plant!

5.  There is not much prettier than a huge batch of shiny, freshly-roasted coffee beans.


My husband and I found an amazing local coffee roaster (Lamplighter Roasting Company) here in Richmond that sells their coffee about half a mile from our apartment.  It is the most hipster coffee shop ever and their coffee is phenomenal!  We go every week to pick up a pound of whole beans (roasted within the week), grind our beans fresh every morning, and make a big pot of drip coffee.  We also found awesome Thermos travel mugs that actually keep your coffee hot, not tepid, for 10+ hours.  I look forward to my coffee every morning, not because I need the caffeine, but because it warms my soul.  Goodbye, Starbucks.  Now, I just need to find money to go back to Hawaii.  A one-way ticket would suffice!

I wouldn’t mind living here…


…or here!


Happy eating (and coffee-drinking)!




  1. karenlou said,

    May 2, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    I heart Lamplighter! Just before we left Richmond, Barrett got a tshirt from them that says simply, “Robust yet smooth”. He’s quite proud of it. (also, you found the Thermos e3 thermoses? magic!!)

    I just learned last week about the caffeine content of light/medium vs dark. I’ve literally been living on a medium roast from Trader Joe’s this week (our lab’s moving in eight days to a new building, and the push to finish experiments has been insane).

  2. critchie103 said,

    May 3, 2012 at 6:36 AM

    Mine is thermos brand but different from the e3 thermos! Unfortunately, mine leaks on occasion, so I just got one from Zojirushi that is similar but has a slightly different seal. Trying it out today for the first time! Having warm coffee to sip from all day is amazing! Good luck moving the lab…that sounds intense!

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