Sometimes the simplest meals are the best meals

“A bee is never as busy as it seems; it’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.” 
-Kim Hubbard

I always feel like I am so incredibly busy.  I wake up at 5:00am, get to work by 7:00am, work until 5:00pm (or later), do some sort of exercise, shower, cook dinner, then do more work until 10:00pm, then go to bed (and fall asleep within 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow).  I feel like I do so little, yet my days always seem so full.  Then I think about the people (and I know people like this) who are in school, plus work 2-3 jobs, work out regularly, and volunteer…all while raising kids!  If you are like that, I salute you!

This week has seemed particularly busy for some reason and my cooking has definitely suffered!  We have still managed to eat healthy meals for the most part.  They have just been very quickly-prepared healthy meals.  Quinoa, jarred pasta sauce, and frozen veggies can make a great meal that is ready in 20 minutes!

An easy dinner!

This evening we had packaged soup, steam-in-the-bag shelled edamame and some fruit that I cut up quickly!  So easy, but delicious!

I think I have had ever flavor of this brand soup and they are all awesome (and gluten-free)!

Fruit–one of life’s treasures!

To combat these busy days, my husband and I decided that we need a 3-day weekend…somewhere tropical!  Unfortunately our finances will not allow an incredible trip anytime soon, so we decided that we would drive down to Lexington, South Carolina to visit my parents this weekend!  It’s about a 6-hour drive from Richmond, so we’re heading out tomorrow after work!  We’re planning to spend most of the time laying out by the pool with frozen beverages, but we’re going to try to go for a run at some point (to combat said frozen beverages) and maybe do a bit of computer work (yes, we are horrible at taking vacations).  I don’t plan to post any recipes while I’m gone because I can’t cook with gluten-contaminated pots/pans at my parent’s house, so I will be living off of salad, gluten-free crackers, cheese, fruit, and peanut butter (fine by me!), but I will try to have some good recipes to share next week!  I will definitely post some highlights of my mini-vacation though!

“After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps not so much to be resting yourself, as to see all the other fellows busy working.”
-Kenneth Grahame

Enjoy the weekend and happy eating!



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